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KAJ follows the Western (German) Nusach Ashkenaz based on Minhag Frankfurt, unlike the majority of American Ashkenazic congregations nowadays which follow the Eastern Nusach Ashkenaz. While the text of our Siddur varies only slightly from Eastern Ashkenaz, the melodies for both the prayers and Torah reading are quite distinct. We also recite various piyutim on certain Shabbos mornings, as well as on festivals. You are encouraged to visit our Minhagim page to learn more.

Some principal differences in our daily davening are enumerated below:


  • Kaddish is recited by one individual, while standing at the front of the shul.  Guests who are Chiyuvim for Kaddish should advise someone so the gabbai can be informed and tell the guest which Kaddish he should say.
  • Shacharis begins with Adon Olam, Al Netilas Yadayim, Asher Yotzar and Elokai Neshamah before Birchos Hashachar.
  • Birchos HaTorah are recited before Korbanos.
  • Tallis and Tefillin are put on together before Boruch Sheomar.
  • We do not say Tehillim 30 (Mizmor Shir Chanukas HaBayis).
  • During Tachanun, Hashem Elokei Yisroel (on Mondays and Thursdays) and Shomer Yisroel are said responsively, and Tachanun is followed by the Yehi Ratzons (except on Monday and Thursday, when they are said after Kerias HaTorah).
  • Shir Shel Yom is followed by Tehillim 83 every day.


  • During Tachanun, Shomer Yisroel is said responsively, and Tachanun is followed by the Yehi Ratzons.
  • Aleinu is not said when Mincha will be followed immediately by Maariv or Kabolas Shabbos.


  • Whenever Maariv begins after nightfall, it begins with Tehillim 134 (Shir HaMaalos) and several more pesukim, followed by Kaddish and Vehu Rachum.
  • Tehillim 24, 8, and 29 are recited after Aleinu, with extra Kaddeishim as required.




Kabolas Shabbos:

  • The pesukim of Kabolas Shabbos before Lecho Dodi are recited responsively.
  • All remain seated at Mizmor LeDovid.
  • Ono B'Koach is not said.
  • Bameh Madlikin is recited after Kaddish Tiskabal following Shemoneh Esrei.
  • Kiddush is made in Shul before Omar Rabi Elozor.


  • The Chazzon begins with Atifas Tallis, and the sequence of Brochos is the same as during the week.
  • Between Shabbos Hagodol and Shabbos Shuvah, Hakol Yoducha is recited alternatively by the Chazzon and congregations, and Kel Adon is sung together. Otherwise, both are recited silently.
  • Shir Shel Yom is recited after Shacharis.
  • During Hotzo'as Sefer Torah, Berich Shemei and Shema are not said; the Chazzon immediately continues with Gadlu.
  • Av Harachamim is only recited on the Shabbosos before Shovuos and Tisha B'Av, after Ashrei.


  • Sim Shalom, rather than Shalom Rav, is said at Mincha on Shabbos.
  • All those who receive aliyos and mitzvos put on a Tallis and keep it on until the conclusion of Kedusha.

Motzoei Shabbos:

  • Tehillim 144 and 67 are sung before V'hu Rachum.
  • V'Ato Kodosh is said quietly.
  • Only certain paragraphs in the section of V'Yiten Lecha are recited following Kaddish Shalem.
  • Havdalah is made before Shir HaMaalos.
  • With the exception of Chanukah and the Shabbos before Tisha B'Av, Shir HaMaalos is sung alternatively by the Chazzon and congregation.

תקון קןראים with aliyos and hosfaos

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