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Our Kehilla is proud to offer many regular Shiurim as well as special Shiurim, which are all open to the entire community. We encourage you to take full advantage of the many learning opportunities we provide.

Below, we present a listing of these Shiurim. Please note that times and locations may change without notice; you're encouraged to consult the Weekly Bulletin for any changes.

Daf Yomi Shiurim

Shiurim are held in the Shul's Shiur Room unless noted:

Sundays and Legal Holidays: 6:45 a.m.
Monday-Friday: after 1st Shacharis
Friday Night (winter) or Shabbos (summer): Shabbos Daf
(Friday night/Shabbos Shiur takes place in Beis Hamedrash:
220 Bennett Ave, at 190 Street)

(For more information contact: Mr. Elchonon Stern, 212-781-1881,

    Summer: After 1st Mincha-Maariv
    Winter: 7:10 p.m.
Shabbos: 7:45 a.m. – Friday Daf;
One hour before Mincha – Shabbos Daf
(For more information contact: Mr. Alan Ettlinger 212-928-7135,
In our Beis Hamedrash (220 Bennett Ave, at 190 Street):
    Shiur by Rabbi Binyomin Klugmann
Sunday-Thursday: 8:55, followed by Maariv at 9:55
(Summer schedule varies)
    Friday and Shabbos as notified.

Shabbos Shiurim

  • Mikroh Lecture (open to all) – Rotating speakers
    (Seasonal – early Friday nights after Shul)
  • Parsha Discussion (for men) – Rotating speakers
    (Meets in the Shiur Room after Shacharis)
  • Hilchos Shabbos (for men) – Rav Posen
    (56 Bennett Ave, Apt. 2J)
  • Gemara Shiur (for men) - Rabbi Ezra Lasdun
    (in Shul, one hour before Mincha)
  • Mishna Berura Shiur (for men) – Rabbi Joel Stern
    (in 90 Bennett Ave, one hour before Mincha)
  • Sisterhood Parsha Shiur (for ladies) – Rotating speakers
  • Fort Tryon Parsha Shiur (for ladies) – Rotating speakers
    (In Fort Tryon Nursing Home Shul)

Weekday Shiurim


  • Mussar (for men) – Rabbi Joel Stern
    (Meets after the 7:30 am Sunday minyan in the Shiur Room)
  • Rebbetzin's Navi Shiur (for ladies) – Rebbetzin Mantel
    (Tuesdays at 10:15; meets in the Agudah)


  • Rav's Mishna Berura Shiur (for men) – Rav Mantel
    (Following Mincha/Maariv on Sundays)
  • Gemara Kiddushin (for men) – Rabbi Avi Rogin
    (Meets Monday evenings in the Shiur Room)
  • Gemara (for men) – Dr. David Bechhofer
    (Monday and Wednesday evenings; meets at 50 Overlook Terrace, Apt. 1B)
  • Rav's Minchas Chinuch Shiur (for men) – Rav Mantel
    (Meets in Shul on Tuesday evenings)
  • Gemara Bava Kama – Rabbi Chaim Aschkenasy
    (Wednesday evenings; meets in the Shiur Room)
  • Chumash Shiur (open to all) – Rotating guest speakers
    (Thursday evenings in Shul)
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