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The Tasks of our Kehilla

The tasks of our Kehilla are outlined in the By-laws (Art. II, Sect. 1-2). The conscientious fulfillment of these tasks is what  bestows the character of a true Kehilla on any Tzibur. Despite its modest beginnings, our Kehilla has striven unceasingly to meet these tasks to the best of its abilities. Over the years, with Divine assistance and with the active and dedicated support of its membership, our Kehilla has created a flourishing congregational organization in which the afore-mentioned tasks are being carried out with ever greater devotion and success.

I. There is, above all, the all-embracing area of Torah study and practice. The Kehilla's task in this area is the promotion of thorough Torah knowledge in all ranks of the Kehilla thereby strengthening the realization and achievement of the demands which Torah Judaism makes upon its adherents in thought and deed, in the midst of a world at variance with it. This goal is served by Shiurim, sermons, lectures for men, for women (Sisterhood); by an imposing educational network proudly bearing the name "Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch" whose program of Chinuch and worldly training it strives ever more to fulfill. Our school includes a pre-school department, elementary boys' and girls' divisions, boys' high school (Mesivta), Bais Yaakov Middle School, as well as a post- high school Yeshiva Gedola, Beis Medrash Yeshurun. In addition, there are extensive youth group activities under well-qualified leadership, in cooperation with Agudath Israel.

II. The Avodah is served by a large Beis Haknesses and by the other institutions and services required by Torah-true living: a fully equipped Mikveh, an independent Shechita, butchers, supply of Matzos, supervision of caterers, restaurants, hotels, and supply of kosher food products.

III. Our Kehilla meets the task of Gemillus Chessed through a Tzedaka and Gemillus Chessed Fund and through the activities of the sisterhood, Chevra Kadisha, its Bikur Cholim and cemetery.

The above brief outline characterizes the lofty tasks the fulfillment of which enables the Kehilla not only to help its members in the attainment of their Gd-willed aims of life, but, beyond its own scope, to make a very considerable contribution to the future of Klal Yisroel.

Gratifying as the achievements are which our Kehilla may record in the afore-mentioned areas, they all require constant care and advancement. As in individual life, so surely in the life of a Kehilla, lack of progress means regress. Yet there is a guaranteed formula for the healthy development of our Kehilla:

let the spirit which permeates our Kehillla and to which it owes its accomplishments continue to unite all its ranks in harmony;

let every one who considers himself part of our Kehilla be conscious of that which his Kehilla means to him, of that which he possesses in his Kehilla;

let every member realize his task as bearer of his Kehilla and his responsibility for his Kehilla and its future growth;

let every member be joyfully ready to work with all his intellectual and material gifts towards the advancement of the lofty tasks of his Kehilla and to be ever aware of his obligation to his Kehilla.

If this is, if this will be, the case, then our Kehilla may confidently look to be the blessing and assisitance of Hashem Yisborach that he may grant it ever greater fulfillment of its sacred tasks.

The Rabbinate

The Board of Trustees

Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784