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Virtual Shiurim


The Rav's Divrei Chizuk Shiurim given during the COVID19 crisis are available on our web (click here).

Rav Mantel's Tuesday Night Minchas Chinuch Shiur will resume after Yom Tov

Daf Yomi Shiurim

Sunday Daf Yomi one hour before Mincha in Playground zoom is   Call in Number 1-646-558-8656 Code 924 4595 5718

   Monday morning Daf Yomi after first minyan in Playground is 

   Tuesday morning Daf Yomi after first Minyan in playground

Call in 1-646-568-7788, 382110 2808

 Wednesday morning after first Minyan in playground  pwd=NERLNHlmc2ErZnltVlVnN2I1bjRxZz09

 Thursday morning after first minyan in playground

 Friday morning Daf Yomi after first Minyan in playground  Meeting ID: 214 578 8475,   Password: 419362

 Shabbos one hour before Maariv 


Welcome to our Shul!

K'hal Adath Jeshurun – Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY

Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer זצ"ל(1939-1980); Rav Shimon Schwab זצ"ל(1958-1995); 
Rav Zachariah Gelley זצ"ל(1987-2018)
Rabbinate: Rav Yisroel Mantel שליט״א

Latest Newsletters and Bulletins

GSEM 5881

Friday, Sep 18 11:08a

GSEM 5780

Friday, May 1 12:51p


Friday, Sep 27 1:40p


President's Message

Welcome to the online home of K’hal Adath Jeshurun.
We are a vibrant and energetic congregation in Washington Heights, proudly serving the community since 1939.

KAJ – or “Breuer’s” as we are also known, is a full-service community, providing a wide range of services and programs
to meet the needs of our members and friends. We have
daily minyanim, stimulating Shiurim, special events and
speakers, and much more – providing everything necessary
to live as Shomrei Torah u’Mitzvos.

Please take a look around our site and see what we have
to offer.

I look forward to greeting you personally soon.
Alan Ettlinger

Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781