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Bikur Cholim of Washington Heights

The sensitivity of the patients served by Bikur Cholim requires that its work be carried out with tact and discretion. Therefore, it may not be generally known that it has a group of dedicated and caring volunteers. This team led for decades under the guidance and leadership of Mrs. Doris Rothschild ע"ה, who drew in a group of people from the various Shuls in the neighborhood, and which continues to conduct regular visits to the patients at the medical institutions of Washington Heights, bringing cheer and chizuk to them and their families.

The Bikur Cholim Committee maintains an apartment at 169th Street, which provided lodging for Shabbos and Yom Tov, when required. The Committee also provides food, transportation, translation services, and helps defray medical costs, etc.

Thanks to the close relationship with the hospital administration, kosher food, meeting the highest Kashrus standards, is available to patients who request it and is also available in the cafeterias to visitors, guests and relatives. The Committee’s excellent relations with the hospitals also enables them to provide for the religious needs of patients such as reading of Megilla, availability of Shabbos candelabras, and other necessities. The dedicated, dignified and respectful demeanor of the Bikur Cholim men and ladies creates a beautiful Kiddush Hashem for the hospital, doctors and staff, and the work of the Bikur Cholim has merited warm praise from visitors as well as patients from other neighborhoods, as they become personally familiar with the Chesed practiced in Washington Heights.

The Bikur Cholim also has younger gentlemen and ladies visit the sick on Shabbosos and Yomim Tovim.
The budget of Bikur Cholim of Washington Heights is covered solely by private donations.

Please contact Mrs. Hellmann in the event of need, of if you're able to volunteer.

Donations can be mailed to Bikur Cholim of Washington Heights, c/o Hellmann, 24 Bennett Avenue, Apt. 66A, New York, NY 10033.

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