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Dedication Ceremony in Pictures



Rav Breuer's handwritten program for the "Leave Taking Ceremony" of 90 Bennett.

Translation from the German:

K'hall Adath Jeshurun – New York

Program for the Leave Taking Ceremony in the Synagogue

14 September 1952 – 24 Elul 5712
2:30 pm

  1. Mincha-prayer
  2. Choir: Sholom Rov
  3. Speech of the Rabbi
  4. Chazzon and Choir: Vayehi Binsoa until Ki Kodosh Hashem Elokeinu
  5. Chazzon and Choir: Adon Olom
  6. Transferring of the Seforim


Rav Breuer's handwritten draft of the dedication program

Translation from the German:

K'hall Adath Jeshurun Inc. – New York


For the Inauguration of the New Synagogue

14 September 1952 – 24 Elul 5712
8:00 pm

  1. Choir: Ma Tovu
  2. The Seforim are carried into the Synagogue
    Chazzon and Choir: Pischu Li Shaarei Tzedek
  3. Three Hakofos with singing of established Piyutim
  4. Choir: Seu Sheorim
  5. Chazzon and Choir: Uvnucho
  6. Address of the President of the Congregation, Dr. R. Moller
  7. Chazzon: Psalm 30 – Mizmor Shir Chanukas Habayis
  8. Kindling of the Ner Tomid by the Rabbi
  9. Speech by the Rabbi
  10. Maariv-prayer
  11. Choir: Psalm 100 – Mizmor L'Soda


Chazzon Robert Frankel (left) and Chazzon Abe Wertheim (right).

Chazzon Robert R. Frankel

Procession into Shul led by Chazzon Abe Wertheim and Rav Breuer

Harry Levi participating in the procession

Rav Breuer's Address
(an English transcript appears in "A Unique Perspective: Rav Breuer’s essays 1914-1973” – Feldheim Publishers, NY)

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